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149,00 €

Available from May 2021!

Collectible Figure

SCALE 1:8/26 cm

Muckle Mannequins presents the Wonder Woman 84 Collectible Figure, joining the league of DC Comics collectibles.

The Wonder Woman 84 Collectible Figure features a high-quality, attentioned to detail figure type. The figure protrudes through its golden armor, which shines on the upper body. Arms and legs of the armor have a detailed structure. Her portrait has flowing black hair sculpted with motion details and she holds her shiny helmet under her arm.

The Wonder Woman Collectible Figure also features a number of swap-out Amazonian accessories, allowing you to craft a display worthy of the gods. 

The Exclusive Edition of the Wonder Woman 84 Collectible Figure includes a spear accessory, giving you an additional display option in your wondrous arsenal of weaponry.

Add a warrior’s strength to your DC Comics collection and bring home the Wonder Woman 84 Collectible Figure today.


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26 cm

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